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You’ve probably been to lots of business networking events before, and may not be overly impressed with most of them. Let’s be honest, most business networking is done poorly, to say the least. As a member of BNI (Business Network International), our chapter follows a proven structure that gets results for members, while still having fun. Come check it out for yourself!  

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BNI Statistics

BNI is the most successful organization of its kind. Although our group meets locally, we have access to, and receive referrals from, BNI members all over the U.S., and sometimes even the world.

Chapters with 214K Members

Billion $ in Closed Business Last Year

Million Member Referrals Last Year

Why Yonkers Business Networking with the BNI Achievers?
We know you probably have other networking and social obligations that may even be helping to grow your business. If that’s the case, then great! What makes us different? BNI is unique in that each chapter only allows one business per specialty (meaning one electrician, one dentist, one financial advisor, one P&C insurance agency, etc.). This means that when you join, you get to market yourself to the rest of the group members, visitors and substitutes as the only provider of your service.

Many networking groups in Westchester and elsewhere are comprised of groups of businesspeople all in the same business! From real estate groups to attorney groups, and everything in between, you’re often in the same room, if not at the same table, with other people who provide the same service you do.

With our system, you have a captive audience. That allows you to make the case as to why members should refer business to you, build trust and relationships and become the go-to person for whatever it is you do in the group. We have long-term members who are still receiving referrals from ex-BNIers who stepped away from the group but still refer business due to the great relationships formed during membership and getting to know each other at the weekly meetings.

Our group likes to have fun while referring business to each other, getting to know each other better, and becoming better businesspeople. To get the details on how to come visit our group, go here.

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